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Analysis Of The Epic Of Gilgamesh - 1284 Words

Perhaps one of the earliest pieces of literature, The Epic of Gilgamesh is a tale about a Mesopotamian king named Gilgamesh who crudely dominates the natural world surrounding his gleaming society. Juxtaposing Gilgamesh’s godlike stature, Enkidu is a wild beast used to counterbalance the king in a literary sense. The hierarchical dichotomy expressed in the epic has appeared thematically within numerous mediums, including the revered artwork of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Raised in the Lower East Side (LES) of Manhattan, Basquiat created art that harshly critiqued the status of black individuals in America during the late 20th century. In particular, two of Basquiat’s paintings—Untitled and Irony of Negro Policeman—parallel the domineering†¦show more content†¦Yet, when the gods learn that the king is a crazed despot, they decide to challenge his influence. Forged using raw clay, Enkidu is Gilgamesh’s near equal. Living in the untamed woods surrou nding Uruk, Enkidu is raised by animals and causes significant issues for the king’s subjects. Created from the earth, the savage is born and shaped by natural forces—until a prostitute is sent into the wilderness to tame him. During the Mesopotamian era that Gilgamesh was written, women were considering a calming force. Lusting for sex has always been part of the human condition, and Enkidu is unable to resist assimilation. The animals who raised the beast begin to reject him, causing Enkidu to divorce nature and embark on a journey to confront the king’s rumored excess. After a brawl, Enkidu and Gilgamesh settle their differences and become companions throughout the remainder of the epic. Enkidu’s friendship does not calm Gilgamesh entirely, who is nevertheless eager to affect his will over nature. Admittedly, the connection thus far between Gilgamesh and Basquiat is seemingly ambiguous; however, a closer inspection of the LES reveals several immediate similarities. Basquiat’s neighborhood was once occupied by the native American Lenape tribe, which existed until the Dutch rapidly colonized the region. Traditionally considered an â€Å"immigrant†Show MoreRelatedThe Epic Of Gilgamesh And Analysis1436 Words   |  6 Pages The Epic of Gilgamesh –Summary and analysis Introduction The Epic of Gilgamesh is an excerpt of the original text of the Epic listed in the Sources of the Western Tradition, 5th edition, by Perry, Peden and Von Laue (2003). The Epic of Gilgamesh is the story of King Gilgamesh who is the powerful king of Uruk, the incidents in his life, the associations he makes, the encounters he has, and the transition that occurs in his life in relation to his gainingRead MoreAnalysis Of The Epic Of Gilgamesh 1647 Words   |  7 PagesThe Epic of Gilgamesh is a story of heroes fighting a war not in a battlefield but within their own selves and amongst each other, struggling with their own emotions and attributions to attain the best version of themselves and to fulfill the utmost quest of life. With the use of two very different yet so similar characters: Enkidu and Gilgamesh, the epic explains two aspects of same psyche, and different imageries, one of which is door, have been used in the text to explain interactions betweenRead MoreAnalysis Of The E pic Of Gilgamesh Essay1361 Words   |  6 PagesHERE As readers delve into the depths of The Epic of Gilgamesh, they perceive the allure to dreams which has captivated humanity for centuries. The epic poem uses dreams as a symbolic representation of the human mind and its ceaseless bounds. Given the Mesopotamian culture’s importance in regards to their religion, dreams provide the only means of one connecting with their future and deities. Furthermore, each mental fantasy referenced within the epic delineates the rationale of all beings to actRead MoreAnalysis of the Epic of Gilgamesh Essay1122 Words   |  5 PagesAnalysis of the Epic of Gilgamesh The epic of Gilgamesh is the earliest primary document discovered in human history dating back to approximately 2,000 B.C.E. This document tells a story of an ancient King Gilgamesh, ruler of Sumer in 2,700 B.C.E. who is created gloriously by gods as one third man and two third god. In this epic, Gilgamesh begins his kingship as an audacious and immature ruler. Exhausted from complaints, the gods send a wild man named Enkidu to become civilized and assist GilgameshRead MoreEpic Of Gilgamesh Literary Analysis1837 Words   |  8 Pagesmortality, divinity, punishments are told through stories of individuals and societies. The Epic of Gilgamesh is a Mesopotamian book that was written long before the Bible. A comparison of the literary elements show several similarities that lead many religious and cultural scholars, as well as historians to contend that the accounts in the Old Testaments were derived from the Gilgamesh. The Epic of Gilgamesh and Bible were both written as sources o f moral messages for religious practices and guidesRead MoreAnalysis Of The Epic Of Gilgamesh 1311 Words   |  6 PagesThe Epic of Gilgamesh is a very popular epic that is difficult to understand at first, which is why there is different translations of the same book. Although Foster and Sander’s translations have a lot of similar words and the stories are basically the same, there are also a lot of differences between the two. One of which is more straightforward and easier to understand, whereas the other is more of an in depth thoughtful read for the reader. Both translations differences have their own particularRead MoreAnalysis Of The Epic Of Gilgamesh 1449 Words   |  6 Pagesbeginning in The Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh is a bully king who frightens and annoys the people of Uruk. After the gathering with Enkidu and becoming his friend does Gilgamesh transform, into a hero worthy of history. The brotherly or â€Å"bromantic† ( considering the questionable r elationship they have) love the two have for each other helps Gilgamesh become an better leader to his people by permitting him to better understand and identify with them. Even though the myth of Gilgamesh is very ancientRead MoreAnalysis Of The Epic Of Gilgamesh 979 Words   |  4 PagesThe Epic of Gilgamesh tells the legend of King Gilgamesh of Uruk and his adventures with the feral human Enkidu. At the beginning Gilgamesh shares a lot of similarities to Egyptian Pharaohs. He’s worshiped by his people in a way that’s almost pious and holds himself up with a certain arrogance. The only difference with Gilgamesh is he is one part deity and two parts human. Over the coarse of the Epic we see Gilgamesh’s demeanor change to a more humble one. This change can be attributed to the trialsRead MoreAnalysis Of The Epic Of Gilgamesh 738 Words   |  3 PagesBaily Broussard Mr. Guidry World History 4 December 2015 The Epic of Gilgamesh In The Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh terrorizes the people or Uruk. Because of this, they call out to the sky god Anu for help. Anu decides to turn to the goddess of creation, Aruru whom makes an equal for Gilgamesh. Aruru created Enkidu to be just like Gilgamesh and for them to contend together and leave Uruk in quiet. When Gilgamesh got up and went to the house of a bride waiting for the bridegroom, Enkidu stepped outRead MoreAnalysis Of The Epic Of Gilgamesh 1119 Words   |  5 PagesTranslation Comparison Gilgamesh The Epic of Gilgamesh has been read and reviewed/ critiqued by numerous authors. I took the articles’ ‘Angiology in the Epic of Gilgamesh’ by Th. Jacobson, and compared it to Benjamin Fosters ‘A New edition of the Epic of Gilgamesh’ These two articles both critique the writings of The Epic of Gilgamesh but in different ways. Foster’s article is a critique on a critique that has been written about The Epic of Gilgamesh, where as Jacobson critiques the epic itself, so we are

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Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Society - 2773 Words

Domestic violence can be described as authority misused by one person in a relationship to control the other. It is the establishment of fear and control in one’s relationship through violence and other forms of abuse. Domestic violence can be in a form of physical assault, sexual assault, social abuse, psychological abuse, and financial abuse. The occurrence of the violence can be sometimes on and off, occasional or long-lasting. Many may confuse the term domestic violence as a simple argument, but that is not true. Domestic violence is a pattern of using threats and force to make someone do something. Many abusers use threats, physical and sexual violence, emotional insults and economic deprivation as a way to dominate their†¦show more content†¦Wife beating was similar to rape or abortion back then, it was viewed as a private and shameful act, that’s why only a few women discussed their issue. Men hit women with immunity until feminist activists’ renamed wife beating as domestic violence, and described its victims as â€Å"battered women.† Many women searched for help all around, they needed protection. Activists created a system of shelters for women who tried to escape, often with their children, because the violence threatened by their spouse. Congressional passage of violence against women act was ultimately spurred on by decades of growing unease over the rising violent crime rate and a focus on women as crime victims. Beginning in the 1960s, the violent crime rate rose steadily, igniting concern from both the public and the federal government. Supplementing the concern for the nation’s rising violent crime rate was the concern for violence against women. In the 1970s, grassroots organizations began to stress the need for attitudinal change regarding violence against women. These organizations sought a change in attitude among both the public as well as the law enforcement community. During the 1970’s, feminists tried to reach out and teach women that violence was wrong and that they had the right to be free from it. â€Å"We will not be beaten† became the slogan of the

Gulf Real Estates Free Essays

Case Problem1: Bock investment Services The goal of Bock Investment Services (BJS) is to be the leading money market advisory service in South Carolina. To provide better service for their present clients and to attract new clients, BIS developed a weekly newsletter. BIS is considering adding a new feature to the newsletter that will report the results of a weekly telephone survey of fund managers. We will write a custom essay sample on Gulf Real Estates or any similar topic only for you Order Now To investigate the feasibility of offering this service, and to determine what type of information to include in the newsletter, BIS selected a simple random sample of 45 money market funds. A portion of the data obtained is shown in Table below, which reports fund assets and yields for the past 7 and 30 days. Before calling the money market fund managers to obtain additional data, BIS decided to do some preliminary analysis of the data already collected. Managerial Report 1. Use appropriate descriptive statistics to summarize the data on assets and yields for the money market funds. 2. Develop a 95% confidence interval estimate of the mean assets, mean 7-day yield, and mean 30-day yield for the population of money market funds. Provide a managerial interpretation of each interval estimate. 3. Discuss the implication of your findings in terms of how BIS could use this type of information in preparing their weekly newsletter. Data for Bock Investment Services Money Market Fund Assets ($ millions) 7-Day Yield (%) 30-Day Yield (%) Amcore103. 94. 104. 08 Alger156. 74. 794. 73 Arch MM/Trust496. 54. 174. 13 BT Instit Treas197. 84. 374. 32 Benchmark Div2755. 44. 544. 47 Bradford707. 63. 883. 83 Capital Cash1. 74. 294. 22 Cash Mgt. Trust2707. 84. 144. 04 Composite122. 84. 033. 91 Cowen Standby694. 4. 254. 19 Cortland217. 33. 573. 51 Declaration38. 42. 672. 61 Dreyfus4832. 84. 013. 89 Elfun81. 74. 514. 41 FFB Cash506. 24. 174. 11 Federated Master738. 74. 414. 34 Fidelity Cash13272. 84. 514. 42 Flex-fund172. 84. 604. 48 Fortis105. 63. 873. 85 Franklin Money996. 83. 973. 92 Freedom Money1079. 04. 074. 01 Galaxy Money801. 44. 113. 96 Government Cash409. 43. 833. 82 Hanover Cash794. 34. 324. 23 Heritage Cash1008. 34. 084 . 00 Infinity/Alpha53. 63. 993. 91 John Hancock226. 43. 933. 87 Landmark Funds481. 34. 284. 26 Liquid Cash388. 94. 614. 64 Market Watch10. 4. 134. 05 Merrill Lynch Money27005. 64. 244. 18 NCC Funds113. 44. 224. 20 Nationwide517. 34. 224. 14 Overland291. 54. 264. 17 Pierpont Money1991. 74. 504. 40 Portico Money161. 64. 284. 20 Prudential Money Mart6835. 14. 204. 16 Reserve Primary1408. 83. 913. 86 Schwab Money10531. 04. 164. 07 Smith Barnery Cash2947. 64. 164. 12 Stagecoach1502. 24. 184. 13 Strong Money470. 24. 374. 29 Transmerica Cash175. 54. 204. 19 United Cash323. 73. 963. 89 Woodward Money1330. 04. 244. 21 Case Problem 2: Gulf Real Estate Properties Gulf Real Estate Properties, Inc. is a real estate firm located in Southwest Florida. The company, which advertises itself as â€Å"expert in the real estate market,† monitors condominium sales by collecting data on location, list price, sale price, and number of days it takes to sell Sales Data for Gulf Real Estate Properties: Give View Condominiums No Gulf View Condominiums List Price Sale Price Days to Sell List Price Sale Price Days to Sell 495. 0475. 0130 217. 0 217. 0 182 379. 0350. 071148. 0135. 5338 529. 0519. 085186. 5179. 0122 552. 5534. 595239. 0230. 0150 334. 9334. 9119279. 0267. 5169 550. 505. 092215. 0214. 058 169. 9165. 0197279. 0259. 0110 210. 0210. 056179. 9176. 5130 975. 0945. 073149. 9144. 9149 314. 0314. 0126235. 0230. 0114 315. 0305. 088199. 8192. 0120 885. 0800. 0282210. 0195. 061 975. 0975. 0100226. 0212. 0146 469. 0445. 056149. 9146. 5137 329. 0305. 049160. 0160. 0281 365. 0330. 048322. 0292. 563 332. 0312. 088187. 5179. 048 520. 0495. 0161247. 0227. 052 425. 0405. 0149 675. 0669. 0142 409. 0400. 028 649. 0649. 029 319. 0305. 0140 425. 0410. 085 359. 0340. 0107 469. 0449. 072 895. 0875. 0129 439. 0430. 0160 435. 0400. 0206 235. 0 227. 91 638. 0 618. 0100 629. 0 600. 097 329. 0 309. 0114 595. 0555. 045 339. 0315. 0150 215. 0200. 048 395. 0375. 0135 449. 0 425. 053 499. 0 465. 086 43 9. 0 428. 5158 Managerial Report: 1. Use appropriate descriptive statistics to summarize each of the three variables for the 40 Gulf View condominiums. 2. Use appropriate descriptive statistics to summarize each of three variables for the 18 No Gulf View condominiums. 3. Compare your summary results. Discuss any specific statistical results that would help a real estate agent understand the condominium market. 4. Develop a 95% confidence interval estimate of the population mean sales price and population mean number of days to sell for Gulf View condominiums. Interpret your results. 5. Develop a 95% confidence interval estimate of the population mean sales price and population mean number of days to sell for No Gulf View condominiums Interpret your results. 6. Assume the branch manager requested estimates of the mean selling price of Gulf View condominiums with a margin of error of $40,000 and the mean selling price of No Gulf View condominiums with a margin of error of $15,000. Using 95% confidence, how large should the sample sizes be? . Gulf Real Estate Properties just signed contracts for two new listings: a Gulf View condominium with a list price of $589,000 and a No Gulf View condominium with a list price of $285,000. What is your estimate of the final selling price and number of days required to sell each of these units? a: sample mean +/- 1. 96*(st dev/sqrt(n)) 454222. 5 +/- 1. 96*192 517. 75/sqrt(40) 394560. 6312 513884. 3688 The 95% CI is ($394,560. 63, $513,884. 37). Using Excel: 59660. 7736 $394,561. 73 $513,883. 27 The 95% CI is ($394,561. 73, $513,883†¦ Case Problem 3 Metropolitan Research, Inc. Metropolitan Research, Inc. a consumer research organization, conducts surveys designed to evaluate a wide variety of products and services available to consumers. In one particular study, Metropolitan looked at consumer satisfaction with the performance of automobiles produced by a major Detroit manufacturer. A questionnaire sent to owners of one of the manufacturer’s full-sized cars revealed several complaints about early transmission problems. To learn more about the transmission failures, Metropolitan used a sample of actual transmission repairs provided by a transmission repair firm in the Detroit area. The following data show the actual number of miles driven for 50 vehicles at the time of transmission failure. 85,092 32,609 59,465 77,437 32,534 64,090 32,464 59,902 39,323 89,641 94,219 116,803 92,857 63,436 65,605 85,861 64,342 61,978 67,998 59,817 101,769 95,774 121,352 69,568 74,276 66,998 40,001 72,069 25,066 77,098 69,922 35,662 74,425 67,202 118,444 53,500 79,294 64,544 86,813 116,269 37,831 89,341 73,341 85,288 138,114 53,402 85,586 82,256 77,539 88,798 Managerial Report: 1. Use appropriate descriptive statistics to summarize the transmission failure data. 2. Develop a 95% confidence interval for the mean number of miles driven until transmission failure for the population of automobiles with transmission failure. Provide a managerial interpretation of the interval estimate. 3. Discuss the implication of your statistical finding n terms of the belief that some owners of the automobiles experienced early transmission failures. 4. How many repair records should be sampled if the research firm wants the population mean number of miles driven until transmission failure to be estimated with a margin of error of 5000 miles? Use 95 % confidence 5. What other information would you like to gather to evaluate the transmission failure problem more fully? How to cite Gulf Real Estates, Papers

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Lipids in Living Systems free essay sample

A look into the functioning of lipids in human systems. This paper looks at lipids and other fats of the body. The author discusses their composition and functions. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Triglycerides 3. Tables and Pictures 4. Waxes 5. Steroids 6. Cholesterol 7. Phospholipids 8. Glycolipids 9. Sphingolipids 10. Consumption of Lipids 11. Storage of Lipids 12. Lipid Oxidation 13. Lipid Bilayer 14. Atherosclerosis 15. Gallstones 16. Artheriosclerosis 17. Coronary Heart Disease 18. Conclusion From the paper: Lipids are hydrocarbons that are found in living systems in the environment. The main classes of lipids are triglycerides, waxes, steroids, phospholipids, gylcolipids, and sphingolipids (Glanze). The simplest lipid, which makes up the backbone of all of these, is the fatty acid (see page 2). The main characteristics that separate the different kinds of lipids are the derivatives, such as acids, alcohols, amines, amino alcohols, and aldehydes, found on the end of the hydrocarbons and their solubility in water. Most lipids are non polar and there for are not soluble in water but instead in fat solvents such as ether, chloroform, and benzene. We will write a custom essay sample on Lipids in Living Systems or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page From these two basic distinctions, there are dozens of possible lipids that can be formed in nature and synthetically (Cooper).

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In order to advise Wan, the principles of law Essay Example

In order to advise Wan, the principles of law Essay Example In order to advise Wan, the principles of law Essay In order to advise Wan, the principles of law Essay Omar wants to cognize whether he can halt Sarah from runing the concern from her belongings and whether he can implement entree rights across her land. He would besides wish to cognize whether he could take a firm stand on the hard-on of a boundary wall and farther, guarantee a part towards the drainage disbursals he has incurred. Omar’s possible rights root from compacts which Natasha entered into with Paul and besides an involvement which may be an easement. First covering with the compacts: A compact is a promise made by title [ 1 ] . When the compacts were originally made, Natasha bore the load of these compacts whilst Paul had the benefit. [ 2 ] As Omar was non secluded to the original promises made by Natasha to Paul, he can merely hold gained their benefit if it passed to him with the land. Common jurisprudence has developed four conditions for the benefit to go through. First, the compact must ‘touch and concern’ the land of the covenantee. The trial here, laid down inSwift Investings[ 3 ],demands that: the compact lacks public-service corporation if separated from the land, must impact its value or quality, and be ‘non-personal’ in nature. Satisfaction of this trial may be contended in visible radiation ofCrest Nicholson[ 4 ] which states that whilst â€Å"the benefit of a †¦covenant must be annexed to place land†¦it can be so annexed for a limited clip ( such as whilst it remains the belongings of the current proprietor [ 5 ] ) .† [ 6 ] However, it seems on balance that the three compacts appear to fulfill this first status. Second, the purpose ( when doing the compact ) for the benefit to run must be evidenced, although by virtuousness of s78 LPA [ 7 ] this can now be inferred. Third, when the compact was made the covenantee must hold held the legal estate in the land. In this instance, Paul was the covenantee when the compacts were made and he was the freehold proprietor of the land to which the compacts relate. Finally, in order to implement the compacts, rubric must hold been derived from under the original covenantee. Omar’s rubric was derived from Paul ( the original covenantee ) . Appare ntly, Omar has the benefit of both positive and restrictive compacts. Sarah will merely bear the load of these rights if it has passed to her with the land. At common jurisprudence the load will non run [ 8 ] , but in equityTulk V Moxhay[ 9 ] well introduced non-statutory land planning [ 10 ] .Tulk V Moxhayis merely applicable to restrictive compacts and turns on the issue of ‘notice’ . The consequence is, for so long as Sarah had notice of the limitation to utilize the land for concern intents, she would hold the load of this compact. The other compacts are both positive in their nature. The House of Lords inRhone V Stephens[ 11 ] â€Å"definitely ruled that, in freehold land, the load of a positive compact can non in equity be enforced against replacements in rubric of the original covenantor† [ 12 ] . Using the fact that â€Å"the original covenantor remains apt on his covenant† [ 13 ] , Omar could potentially seek to implement his rights under the positive compact against Natasha. Of class, it is likely to be more convenient to seek to implement breaches of compact against Sarah as she is readily accessible. In conformity with usual pattern, it is likely that Natasha, in order to avoid liability for future breaches of compact, would seek an insurance from Sarah, yet Sarah may hold disputed this as Natasha had already breached the compact to raise the wall by transcending the clip status. In respect to the payment towards the care of the drainage, the regulation inHalsall V Brizell[ 14 ] should use. This regulation dictates that if the benefit of a compact is to be accepted so the load of the compact must besides be born. The application of this regulation means that as Sarah has the benefit of the drains she will besides hold assumed the load of this compact. Turning so to rede in regard of the two entree issues. First, there is the entree by route from Miskin Court to the North. Second, there is the cutoff which Omar’s household have enjoyed through the fencing. It must be asked whether there is an involvement nowadays with the features of an easement and if so, whether the easement was decently created. An easement is a right over a piece of land for the benefit of another piece of land. It is a proprietary involvement enjoyed by an estate proprietor and is merely accessory to the land.Re Ellenborough Park[ 15 ] gives the features of an easement: There must be both dominant and servient tenements, the involvement must suit the dominant tenement, there must be diverseness in ownership or business and the involvement must be capable of organizing the capable affair of a grant. It appears that the entree rights have the needed features of an easement. The easements have non been created expressly as they were non mentioned in the title of transportation. It would hold been utile for Paul to include an express reserve in the transference of conveyance to Natasha so that he could reserve the usage of the route to the North of Miskin Court. However, upon finding of the facts, it may be possible to reason the implied grant of easement of necessity. Sarah, as the current proprietor of the servient tenement, has the right to procure her land, but should supply Omar with a key. In respect to the cutoff, for an easement to be created by prescription, there must hold been 20 old ages uninterrupted usage, non by force, in secret or with permission. As Omar’s household have been utilizing this for ‘as long as he can remember’ it is possible that an easement would hold been created by prescription and he can implement this right, if necessary, by taking the obstructor which Sarah erected. It appears that Omar can asseverate and implement all of the rights addressed against Sarah, or in the instance of the wall, perchance against Natasha depending upon the facts. Bibliography Legislation Law of Property Act 1925 Land Registration Act 2002 Cases Crest Nicholson Residential ( South ) Ltd V McAllister[ 2004 ] EWCA Civ 410 [ 2004 ] 15 EGCS 105 Halsall V Brizell[ 1957 ] Ch 169 Keppell V Bailey( 1834 ) 2 My A ; K 517 Rhone V Stephens1994 2 AC 310 Re Ellenborough Park[ 1956 ] Ch 131 Swift ( P A ; A ) Investments V Combined English Stores Group[ 1989 ] AC 632 Tulk V Moxhay( 1848 ) 2 Ph 774 Webb V Russell( 1789 ) 3 Tr 393 Articles Conveyancer and Property Lawyer 1994, Nov/Dec Property Law Bulletin 2004, 25 ( 2 ) Text MacKenzie, J.-A. A ; Phillips, M.Textbook on Land Law,( 9Thursdayerectile dysfunction. Oxford University Press 2002 ) 1

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Direct Speech Definition and Examples

Direct Speech Definition and Examples Direct speech is a report of the exact words used by a speaker or writer. Contrast with indirect speech. Also called direct discourse. Direct speech is usually placed inside quotation marks and accompanied by a reporting verb, signal phrase, or quotative frame. Examples and Observations A South Carolina parrot was the sole witness to the death by neglect of a 98-year-old woman. Help me, Help me, said the parrot. Ha ha ha!(reported in Harpers Magazine, February 2011)I went in search of the good beer. Along the way, I caught an intriguing snippet of conversation in the sunroom:â€Å"So if I win at that table, I’ll go on to the World Series,† said the mom I know as some kind of government contractor.â€Å"World Series?† you ask.â€Å"Of Poker,† she replied. â€Å"I went last year.†Whoa.(Petula Dvorak, White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner Has Nothing on Suburban Fete. The Washington Post, May 3, 2012)How old are you? the man asked.The little boy, at the eternal question, looked at the man suspiciously for a minute and then said, Twenty-six. Eight hunnerd and forty eighty.His mother lifted her head from the book. Four, she said, smiling fondly at the little boy.Is that so? the man said politely to the little boy. Twenty -six. He nodded his head at the mother across the aisle. Is that your mother?The little boy leaned forward to look and then said, Yes, thats her.Whats your name? the man asked.The little boy looked suspicious again. Mr. Jesus, he said.(Shirley Jackson, The Witch. The Lottery and Other Stories. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1949) Direct Speech and Indirect Speech While direct speech purports to give a verbatim rendition of the words that were spoken, indirect speech is more variable in claiming to represent a faithful report of the content or content and form of the words that were spoken. It is important to note, however, that the question of whether and how faithful a given speech report actually is, is of a quite different order. Both direct and indirect speech are stylistic devices for conveying messages. The former is used as if the words being used were those of another, which are therefore pivoted to a deictic center different from the speech situation of the report. Indirect speech, in contrast, has its deictic center in the report situation and is variable with respect to the extent that faithfulness to the linguistic form of what was said is being claimed. (Florian Coulmas, Reported Speech: Some General Issues. Direct and Indirect Speech, ed. by F. Coulmas. Walter de Gruyter, 1986) Direct Speech as Drama When a speaking event is reported via direct speech forms, it is possible to include many features that dramatize the way in which an utterance was produced. The quotative frame can also include verbs which indicate the speakers manner of expression (e.g. cry, exclaim, gasp), voice quality (e.g. mutter, scream, whisper), and type of emotion (e.g. giggle, laugh, sob). It can also include adverbs (e.g. angrily, brightly, cautiously, hoarsely, quickly, slowly) and descriptions of the reported speakers style and tone of voice, as illustrated in [5]. [5a] I have some good news, she whispered in a mischievous way.[5b] What is it? he snapped immediately.[5c] Cant you guess? she giggled.[5d] Oh, no! Dont tell me youre pregnant he wailed, with a whining nasal sound in his voice. The literary style of the examples in [5] is associated with an older tradition. In contemporary novels, there is often no indication, other than separate lines, of which character is speaking, as the direct speech forms are presented like a dramatic script, one after the other. (George Yule, Explaining English Grammar. Oxford University Press, 1998) Like: Signaling Direct Speech in Conversation An interesting new way of signaling direct speech has recently developed among younger English speakers and is spreading from the United States to Britain. This occurs entirely in spoken conversation, rather than in writing, . . . but here are some examples anyway. (It may help to imagine an American teenager speaking these examples.) - . . . Though the construction is new [in 1994] and not yet standard, its meaning is very clear. It seems to be used more often to report thoughts rather than actual speech. (James R. Hurford, Grammar: A Students Guide. Cambridge University Press, 1994) Differences in Reported Speech Even in the days of audio and video recording, there can be surprising differences in direct quotations attributed to the same source. A simple comparison of the same speech event covered in different newspapers can illustrate the problem. When his country was not invited to a meeting of the Commonwealth of Nations in 2003, the president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, said the following in a televised speech, according to The New York Times: If our sovereignty is what we have to lose to be re-admitted into the Commonwealth, Mr. Mugabe was quoted as saying on Friday, we will say goodbye to the Commonwealth. And perhaps the time has now come to say so. (Wines 2003) And the following according to an Associated Press story in the Philadelphia Inquirer. If our sovereignty is to be real, then we will say goodbye to the Commonwealth, [sic; second quotation mark missing] Mugabe said in remarks broadcast on state television. Perhaps the time has come to say so. (Shaw 2003) Did Mugabe produce both versions of these comments? If he gave only one, which published version is accurate? Do the versions have different sources? Are the differences in the exact wording significant or not?(Jeanne Fahnestock, Rhetorical Style: The Uses of Language in Persuasion. Oxford University Press, 2011)

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Stereotype paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Stereotype paper - Essay Example Moreover, I believe that there is no afterlife because there seems to be no purpose in it and no one has proven it so far. I am prejudiced against these pastors who spread the so-called â€Å"Word of God† in order to convince their congregation to buy everything that they say simply out of faith and perhaps for their own benefit, even if that benefit were only a smug feeling of satisfaction that they have done something good or others have followed them. The more they assert their beliefs, the more they make me feel that it is just easy for them to say those things because they live rich lives and they are not exactly the ones suffering. I believe their convictions about God would be different if they were the ones waiting for their execution in Rwanda or dying of cholera in Sierra Leone. Nevertheless, I have realized that Peter Ditto of the University of California-Irvine was right in saying that â€Å"people are much more skeptical processors of information [that] they don’t want to believe† (â€Å"How Pre-existing Beliefs,† 2012). Perhaps, my arguments were also flawed in that I have assumed that for God to exist, then He must be good, and that for heaven and the afterlife to make sense then they must at least require some proof. It appears that I was not able to consider the idea that God may exist but may be just and not kind, and He may have a purpose that I may not be able to comprehend. Moreover, the afterlife may really actually exist and that just because something does not have proof does not necessarily mean that it does not exist. Lastly, I may have committed the fallacy of argumentum ad hominem against pastors because I may have attacked them and their personal circumstances instead of their actual convictions (Walker, 2009). I may have unjustly assumed that they were rich and had good things happening around them all the time that is why I assumed that they would not be able to exactly understand how hard the poor